On April 30, the Global CBPR Forum, including the U.S. Department of Commerce, released the long-awaited Global Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) and Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) Systems Framework, a key developmental milestone in international cooperation on cross-border flows.
Join us for a live webinar to learn the policy-related updates underway with regard to this transition to Global CBPR/PRP, practical considerations for businesses seeking to certify to Global (or transition from APEC to Global), and the merits of a Global CBPR Framework.
Panelists from BBB National Programs and the Department of Commerce will cover what the Global CBPR and PRP Framework means for your business and how it compares to other cross-border data privacy standards around the world, such as GDPR and the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework. Join us for this free webinar and get your questions answered.



  • Shannon Coe, Director of Global Data Policy, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Dona Fraser, Senior Vice President, Privacy Initiatives, BBB National Programs

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