Wally Snyder

Wally Snyder

Founder & Chair
Institute for Advertising Ethics
Wally Snyder is President of the Institute for Advertising Ethics. He served as President and CEO of the American Advertising Federation. Snyder conducts virtual and in person sessions on building consumer and business trust through enhanced ethics and transparency. He also conducts ethics classes on college campuses, including the University of Arizona, Howard University, Michigan State University, the Missouri School of Journalism and the University of Colorado. In 2017 his textbook on advertising ethics was published: “Ethics in Advertising. Making the Case for Doing the Right Thing.” (2017 Routledge). He also has written articles appearing in Advertising Age and the Journal of Advertising Research. In 2021 he was included as a speaker in the 50th Anniversary National Advertising Video. Wally Snyder was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame in 2012, and was presented the Kim Rotzoll Award for Advertising Ethics by the American Academy of Advertising in 2009.