Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss

Consumer Product Testing Company
Craig Weiss received a B.S. in biology for Monmouth College, prior to arriving at Consumer Product Testing Co. Craig held technical positions at Del Laboratories, Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals (Proctor and Gamble) and Roxane Laboratories. Craig began his career with Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. as the Vice President of the Analytical Service Division, which was comprised of the Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry departments. in 1999 he became the President of Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. Craig is active in many trade organizations and is a member of IBA board of directors, serving as the chairman of its technical, regulatory committee. Craig is also a member of the SCC has served on the Committee on Scientific Affairs (COSA) and PCPC serving on its Scientific Advisory Committee. Additionally, Craig sits on numerous international expert panels, ICCR and JCCT for examples.